Jeffrey Stockton Loves Honolulu, Hawaii. You Should Too

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, HawaiiThis particular post shall be dedicated to my new home...Honolulu. I can go on and on on how much I enjoy Honolulu as it is such a great place although I am going to make sure to ensure that is stays fairly brief. Before I pointed out the reason why I relocated to Honolulu along with why this city is really awesome but now I'll touch upon exactly why this place is the best.

The most self-evident explanation is definitely the weather conditions. Honolulu very rarely will get chilly making it an excellent place for me to call home. We're so pampered by the super climate here we complain in the event the temperature gets less than 70. It hardly ever rains and it also seldom even will get cold. Rain in Honolulu generally typically lasts a few momemts after which it's sunny again. Individuals in Honolulu know this as "liquid sunshine."

One more nice thing about Honolulu is that the everyone is always friendly. I have gotten so many friends since I've been in Honolulu it's ridiculous. Every time my friends or family from out of town stop by they frequently say "Jeffrey Stockton, how do you have so many buddies?" Most people in Honolulu are so friendly it makes making friends so simple. Maybe it is because they're happy that the climate is always awesome.

Plenty of people don't realize that Honolulu is one of the biggest cities inside the U.S. There is things happening nearly every hour of the day here. Many towns across the country get extremely boring after dark and those which might be entertaining aren't situated in warmer areas besides Miami and L.A.. As opposed to most metropolitan areas which have hot weather Honolulu has got a lot more going on. The night life in Honolulu is fantastic, the pubs and night clubs remain wide open until Four in the am. Because of just how mixed this town is you'll have a bunch of choices for dining out which is certainly fantastic.

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

As I have previously mentioned I really enjoy hiking and Honolulu features a ton of trails. Anyone who is familiar with me understands that Jeffrey Stockton likes to hike. Many of my personal favorites consist of Kuli'ou'ou and even Stairway to Heaven and that is not even naming any waterfall hikes. There's so many great hikes to be done here that you may invest 2 or 3 weeks or maybe months wanting to accomplish them all.

If you love learning about other nationalities then you would really enjoy living in Honolulu. One thing I really like about this place is the fact that I am constantly meeting people from all around the world. Vacationers from all around the globe arrive here every single day and on top of that the city is a ethnic melting pot. Waikiki is an excellent location for meeting folks from around the world due to just how many people select Hawaii to spend their vacation. Personally I like to travel and ever since I've been here I have found plenty of good friends from all around who've asked me to come pay a visit to them where they are located.

Most of asia looks like a really great place and so I wish I'll explore there in the future. The good thing is it is fairly cost effective to fly there from Honolulu. Flights to Tokyo are around $600 from Hawaii which is about the same rate as flying to Las Vegas. I'm saving some money to do this next summer which I'm seriously looking forward to. Honolulu is excellent but there's so much available to experience and so I cannot stall.

Those are my reasons exactly why I like Honolulu, did I coerce you to relocate here yet? If you've never been this place ever then you must drop by or else if you are living here then you know what I mean. Find Jeffrey Stockton in the white pages if you're ever around town and I'd personally be happy to show you all the things Honolulu has to offer. I am always down for a good hike!

~Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

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