Who Is Jeffrey Stockton? This Guy.

This is my personal blog which I developed for a school assignment. The English professor is making me write about my entire life regarding the final project. I have to blog about classes, my boring occupation, my outrageous hound "Frito" and though no one will likely read this aside from my instructor however I still have to do this. I've been attending the U of Hawaii for 2 years. Growing up in Delaware I thought what better area can there be to stay at than the Islands and so I made the move.

As soon as I got here I really knew this state was home. When I was a kid our family and I arrived in this island for a vacation and couldn't quit having dreams about returning in the future. When I was in high school virtually all my friends ended up either remaining in Delaware or at the furthest going to college in California. I had been extremely blessed to get accepted into the U of Hawaii considering it was the only real college I put in an application to.

So now 2 yrs in the future after getting accepted I'm publishing this blog just for this uninspiring English course. Growing up my best course was history so I made a decision to major in it when I arrived at university. Of all the history lessons I have taken to date Hawaiian history continues to be certainly the best. Of all the states inside the U.S. Hawaii features probably the most fascinating historical past. It is upsetting how the story of the Hawaiian individuals was permanently altered as a result of European settlers who enforced their spiritual views upon these people. After I graduate I could either obtain a position as a History teacher or maybe I could continue to grad school. Should I actually do head to graduate school I'm thinking about obtaining my education in Hawaiian history. I really doubt if a graduate degree in Hawaiian history will make me wealthy but at least I will be happy doing what I enjoy.

What does Jeffrey Stockton like to do?

Beyond school a few other things that I really take pleasure in (besides surfing of course) is hiking and skateboarding with my hound Frito (that's right he skateboards.) After I moved off campus with my friends I decided to acquire a puppy, he has been my best friend ever since. We all moved into a house so I reckoned we all should get a pet dog. This guy was by far the best doggy within the litter and yet I had no idea he would grow up to be the best pet ever. He eats anything, even alcohol. We have to watch what food we all leave out since if we take our eyes off of it for one moment our dinners are wiped out. When we have parties you have to keep track of your beers or he'll knock them over and lick up all the alcohol. Smart, huh?

Anyway back to the skateboarding. One day I was skateboarding while taking Capt. Jack for a walk and then I lost my stability and the skateboard shot out from under me and then he chased after it and hopped on it. On his second try he rode for about 20 feet until he ran straight into the grass. Ever since then I have been bringing the pup to the dog park along with me to skateboard and everybody gets a kick out of watching the guy skate. It also helps with the women since they normally come up to me and request to pet him and things.

Anyway it really is starting to get late and this has been plenty of content when it comes to my first project. My following blog post will likely be regarding a hike which my pals and I are going on this sunday. I cannot recall the name of the trail however it is somewhere out in Hawaii Kai. See ya!

Jeffrey Stockton

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